Luxury Cat Beds With A Difference

Luxury cat beds used to be something only the super rich could afford but not any more. OK so they are not cheap but they certainly are not so expensive that they are out of reach of many of us. In fact if you value quality and longevity then they are actually well worth the money.

Plus your cat will love you forever.

Cat Beds Featured On This Page

The Kittybowl

The Igloo

The Angel

The Smucci

Desk Lounger

Kitty Bowl Bed

For cats who love to sleep and strecth out in style and comfort. This soft carpeted bed has an easy access open front which cats love ast they can see exactly where they are jumping into. It's also great for stretching out from, another things cats love to do when theya re lounging around.

Another thing i like about this luxury cat bed is that the bottom is covered with a non slip rubber coating which means that it won't slip around and is also great for placing onto top of other furniture if your kitty loves to be really up high when they sleep.

The bed comes in four colours and i think the design is very modern and would fit into many modern home settings.

The bed is sold through our preferred seller Catsplay. Find out more about the Kitty Bowl bed here.

Custom Designed Luxury Cat Bed

What about this for the ultimate luxury cat bed?

These beds can be custom made to your own personal design, color, choice of pattern etc. You could have a cat bed that no one else has and is unique to your cat.

The bed is called the "Smucci" as it is designed into a shape which the manufacturers call a hug. This is because it is designed to make your cat feel secure and safe as they sleep.

If you would like to check out all the possible different design colours, graphics and options for this bed, click here.

Igloo Ball 

I live in a small house and one of the problems I have is clutter. So what about a cat bed that has two purposes and that looks so stylish at first glance you would not know it was a bed for the cat.

This rattan made bed also acts as a side table for you with its flat hard top.

These kinds of beds are perfect for those cats who love to have a hideaway where they can feel safe and secure. It also has a removal soft cushion which is easy to wash and that blends in perfectly with the overall stylish look of the table/bed.

Although this not a cheap pet bed it certainly is when you consider that it can be used a piece of normal furniture in your home that won't stick out like a sore thumb (as some cat beds can).

Click here to find out more about this Igloo bed / Table.

Angel Handmade Cat Bed

This luxury cat bed looks so soft, warm and cuddly i wouldn't mind curling up in it. In fact many reviewers for the product say that there cats instantly claim it for themselves, well who can blame them

These beds are hand crocheted by an artists with  Bachelors Art degree and come in several different color choices. Don't worry the fur lined rim is only fun fur and the materials used are vegan cruelty-free from wool!

These beds certainly stand out at there own little works of art and would definitley be a talking point amongst vistors to your home.

Want to know more about the beds? Click here.

Desk Top Lounger Cat Beds

Ha! I loved this idea as soon as I saw it! If your feline friend loves to keep you company as you are trying to get some work done at home, then this could be your perfect answer!

This Cat Corner Desk Lounger sits snugly on the corner of your desk allowing your cat to be by your side while keeping out of the way of your papers and computer!

The cushioned rails mean they can lean back in comfort and the bed is big enough for a large kitty while still not taking up very much space. It also comes in a wide range of colour choices.

Find out more about the corner lounger.

Custom Cat Furniture

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