Maeby The Cat

Maeby the cat. My name is Caroline and this is my cat Maeby

Maeby is female and she is one year old.

Lives in: Jacksonville, USA

Her favourite food is: Her wet food once a week. :)

This is what I like doing the best: Playing hide and seek with me!

Her funny habits are: She talks and talks and talks. Very cute noises!

How I found my cat: My neighbour gave her to me.

Maeby is the most special cat i have ever had! She speaks when spoken to and just loves to talk in general. She sleeps on my stomach every night and wakes me up every morning. Maeby follows me around wherever i go and i can't help but give her gifts all the time! She also has travelled with me all over the country with no complaints. We make a great team. I don't know what i would do without her.

Comment: A Good Traveller, by: Melinda M Hunter - Your cat is lovely and that's a great photo.

Comment from kate

It’s unusual for cats to make good travellers as they generally don’t like change and prefer to stick to their home territory. However I have read that when they are away from their physical territory that you there owner become their territory and this is why they stick so closely to you when you are away.

If a cat is used to travelling from a very young age as your cat obviously has then it is less of a trauma for them and they settle down to their new homes quickly.

Sounds like a great cat. I love cats that talk all the time, it’s like you can a conversation with them as they make a noise after you have spoken to them. I am currently looking after a cat who speaks all the time too. You can’t help but smile.

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