maine coon cat

by pam

why does my mancoon cat put toys in water dish.

Answer by Kate
Umm good question and one I'm sure many cat owners would like answered too. Even my cats will do this from time to time.

i don't think thee is a definite answer but it could have something to do with possession. ie the water bowl is theirs and so they are taking their toy or prey to the water bowl to say this is mine too.

Also i think sometimes it is an accident. i have watched my cat play with his toy and as he throws it around it ends up in his water bowl.

he looks lovely, i love the Maine coon breed, I used to have a ginger tom Maine coon and he was a great big gentle boy.

best wishes Kate

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Maine coon cat.
by: Anonymous

My 2 yr.old Coon/mix cat loves to push things off tables that looks interesting. Some items she steals. Many times she's dropped things in big water bowl then goes fishing! I truly think it's just because it amuses her, something like kids (and I!) love stomping puddles!I raised her from about 2 hrs old; semi feral mama cat brought 6 to my house transfering them 1x1 to a safe Badger was last but her mom hissed and snarled at her. So, she's weird anyway; fetches and sits in tub while I shower.So, just enjoy your eccentric cat! :)

toys in water
by: Terry

However , I do not have Maine Coon cats...i have Manx...1 purebred mother , and 4 babies ( well 5 month old BIG babies ) they each have their own toys , but , if one of them plays with another ones toy they will put the toy in the water dish as if to clean the others slobbers off of it...crazy , yea , but this seems to be what they are doing , and if one sees the other wetting her toy , they will resort to another clean water source..they are quite silly with their antics with this , as i have caught them trying to fish the toy from the toilet..hence having to keep the lid closed , that is a good way to get bacteria.Do not know if this answers anything , but its a neat thing to share !

Main Coon Cat
by: Tracy

I also have a Main Coon cat. Bonnie is almost 1 year old. She also puts her little toy mouse in her water bowl sometimes. She loves toplay fetch with the mouse and as you as you keep throwing shw will keep fetching the mouse and bring it to you! I love her! I also have another tiger tabby who is 3 years old and his name is Bootsie. Bootsie is short-haired and Bonnie has a mane and she has a lot of hair which is known for a Main Coon cat. My kitties adore each other!

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