Maine Coon is very sensitive to the touch on back and rear legs

by Sandra
(Fairhaven , MA, USA)

My Maine Coon cat is 3 yrs old. Ever since she was 3 mos old (when I got her) she doesn't like to be groomed or petted beyond her shoulders. When her back is touched it ripples and she lets me know with just her look that she doesn't like it and will only tolerate it for a very short period of time and then takes off. Is this the nature of a Maine Coon or could it be that in the first 3 mos she wasn't handled much? She is not agressive but very strong willed.

Thank you
Sandra Smusz

Answer from KAte
I think you have hit the nail on the head. It has nothing to do with the breed but everything to do with how she was handled early on. i have had cats like this too and unfortunately they never really came round to liking grooming very much, which is difficult when you have a long haired cat which needs it.

all I can say is keep at it, perhaps spend a little time every day just stroking her and seeing if you can touch her legs etc a little more every day.

best wishes Kate

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