Maine Coon walking around meowing constantly????

by Mel

Sir Tiger

Sir Tiger

Hi, I have 2 Maine Coon boys. They turn 3 in August 2011. They are very sweet boys. We have watched them grow from babies to now, so watching them grow and learning their behaviors has been quite fun. They are both neutered. But here lately Sir Tiger has been acting strange. He is very loving, purrs a lot, has many languages but for some reason this past week he walks around meowing, like he is trying to ask a question. He walks all around like he is hunting something all the while when we talk to him he purrs. So it';s not like he is in pain or anything. It is just something very new and I want to know what is going on. Question: though he is neutered is it possible that he could be walking around looking for a mate?? This may be a stupid question but I just want to make sure nothing is wrong. They chirp when they are playing tag. They have a rolling meow when they want to drink out of the faucet. The have a sweet meow when they want their treats....but never have they just walked around aimlessly meowing. Can you give me some insight on this?

Thank you.

Answer from KAte
I used to have a maine coon and they are the most gentle and loving of cats, i miss mine every day, so you are very lucky to have two such beauty's in your life.

Answer to your question is he calling for a mate the answer is no, he will no longer have those hormones rushing around his body to trigger this behavior.

As to what is causing his behavior it is harder to say. He may be bored, I dont know if they go outside or not. If not then he may feel a little frustrated and under stimulated in the home, in which case enriching it may help him. See this page for some ideas

He may just be carrying out hunting and play behavior in his mind and becoming over excited by it and thus this triggers the calls but it is impossible to say for sure.

My advice would be that if the behavior continues for more than a few weeks i would have him checked over by a vet to be on the safe side.

Cats use their meow for all sorts of reasons see here for more on this

and at the end of the day he may simply be trying to gain your attention.

best wishes Kate

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Baby boy
by: Anonymous

Hello! I have a Maine coon who is a 10 months old male he is neutered as well. I got him at just 2 months. He has recently started to meow all the time. There has been no changes in our home that will affect him. He's healthy. I call him my big baby because he acts like a child. He follows me everywhere... Even to the potty or gets in the tub while I'm showering. He has to be by me at all times. If I'm behind a closed door without him he will get mad and start crying and begging to get in. I'm home all day for the most part so he gets more than enough attention maybe to much. I work from 12am-5am 7 days a week when I get home I eat, and hug and kiss my little boy (Skully, my Maine coon) goodnight. Not even 10 mins later he's crying at the door begging to get in and will not stop untill I let him in... I let him in and he starts getting into everything , and then jumps on me meowing for me to play with him... I need my sleep I'm also a college student so it's getting to be tiredsome I'm not sure what to do.

Whining Teenage Maine Coon
by: Anonymous

I also have 2 Maine Coons both boys that I have
been blessed to watch grow from 10 weeks to well one is 7 years old (D'Leh) he is small about 12 lbs Buff color the younger one (A'Leh) is 1 year 9 month old and a whopping 24.6 lbs and Coonies grow till they reach 5 years of age he too is buff color and looks just like a lion. A'Leh is the one that roams around the house all day and night meowing, complaining, whining he's like a whinge teenager which basically he is, he is a bit skidish where as his brother the older smaller one is quite and not skidish at all, he will greet strangers and if he knows you he will be glad to see you again. They both wait for me by the door like dogs when I come home but A'Leh just whines and whines no matter what it's just his personality.

by: Anonymous

I just adopted one and for two nights now he just cry's and I dont know why. He ate and played, and it is only at night what do I do??

Meowy Maine Coon
by: Anonymous

We have a neutered Maine Coon who has been doing that too. He does it when he thinks there isn't enough food in his dish, or when he thinks his litter box is not as pristine as it should be, but most often he does it when he's bored. If I play with him for a while, the meowing stops.

Maine Coon
by: Anonymous

Maine Coon cats are the best. We had our "Bobcat" Brown for almost 19 years and he passed away last June after suffering a stroke. He was very very vocal and at time, it was like holding a conversation with him. They are persistent if they are trying to communicate with you about something particular it seems. Hug your guys for me cause although we have a funny, chubby Manx gal now named "Gracie", I will always cherish my loving experience with "Bobcat", he was one of a kind. We still miss him terribly, but have opened our hearts and home to "Gracie" and she makes our sadness over "Bobcat" less when she entertains us with her antics.

Best of Luck with your chatty one!!!

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