Making funny breathing noises.... he is old, but is acting better today then yesterday

by Cec
(Illinois, USA)

I have an older cat, not exactly sure how old because an old boyfriend traded him to me for some furniture... I loved the cat! I know he's at least 15 but likely older.

I was on the computer yesterday and I know the cat jumped up on the countertop... a little later i just heard a thump, not sure if he jumped off or fell off. He is usually quite agile! A little while later I heard him breathing funny, and sounded like he was hacking up a furrball or something. Nothing ever really came out.. he tried a little bit, and eventually had a little bit of white foamy spitty stuff, but nothing else and only a little.

I stalked him all last night and early morning. He is better today, didn't really eat anything yet, but thats not abnormal per se. He did drink some today. But he's just kind of lounging around in the closet which he likes sometimes because it's dark and quiet. When he breathes it almost sounds like he's purring, but its not purring. It makes the noise on the inhale and exhale... any ideas? I am waiting for the vet to open today.

Answer by Kate
Hi well it could be a hairball but considering his age and that he may have fallen i think you are doing the right thing in taking him to the vet. he may have hurt himself internally such as punctured a lung (probably not but definitely worth checking out).

I hope he is Ok after his trip to the vets, fingers crossed that it is just a stubborn furball.

best wishes Kate

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your cat
by: Anonymous

i'm sorry but not to disapoint you but this might be rabies because usually this is what would happent if your cat/(animal) would be cophing up white foam.but if it looks like suliva dont worrys he might of just been a little bit sick so just keep an eye on him/her (your cat)

by: Cec

I have to admit, yesterday he lounged around the house all day, didn't move to eat or go to the bathroom. Last night when I got home from college, I held a water bowl up to him and some food... heATE! Then I thought maybe I should open up a nice wet can of tuna, since someone else had mentioned to me it could be symptoms of a UTI and maybe thats why his behavior changed. He ate and drank...

This morning, I am so happy to say, he is walking around the house again...still has a slight bit of the funny breathing sound, but last night and this a.m. he was purring like crazy while I pet him and he just got done eating and using the bathroom for the 2nd time since last night. I'm going to keep my eye on him today, he has a vet appt tomorrow... I hope my kitty is fine! He seems to be doing a LOT better. thanks so much!

Comment by Kate
great to hear your cat is on the mend.

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