Male Cat Acting Aggressive to Our Pregnant Female

by Kim
(Spokane, WA)

We have two cats....our female is very pregnant and our male is acting very aggressive towards her in the last two days. Does this mean she is getting close to delivery? He was fine with her until yesterday, now he meows loudly at her and bites her neck. She swats him back and doesn't take any of his guff but I'm curious why he might be doing this??

Answer by kate
cats react aggressively because of fear and fear can be caused by anything from a strange smell to un familiar behaviour. It could simply be that the female cat smalls differently or is behaving differently and it has worried him. Unfortunately they react with aggression.

I don't think it is anything to worry about, especially as the female cat is taking none of it. She will sort him out.

It may be an idea to not leave the male cat alone with the kittens for the first few days and to introduce him to them under your supervision, just in case he becomes spooked by them and reacts aggressively towards them. It is rare but some cats may react like this in strange circumstances.

Congratulations on your forth coming new furry family.

i have a few pages about cat pregnancy which you may find of interest here

best wishes KAte

Comments for Male Cat Acting Aggressive to Our Pregnant Female

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Overbearing male tom
by: Anonymous

I think he means " veteran" not as in pet vet, maybe look into a pet shelter that may be able to take one of them and or the kittens.

Nasty post
by: Anonymous

Once you discovered your mistake about the disabled (military) vet, couldn't you have deleted the answer.
Not only does it make your side look oblivious and mean-spirited, it does nothing for the esteem of the gentleman asking the question. He is low income, disabled and rescued some kittens. He shouldn't be lectured to and patronized.

Over bearing Male Tom
by: Mr Robin

I have two unfixed cats. a male and a female whom I rescued from people poisoning the stray cats in the neighborhood. The feline(now queen) is about 7 months and the male about 14 months. She is very pregnant and he wont leave her alone. He bites her on the neck trying to dominate her. It is to dangerous for them to be out in my neighborhood because of the Vicious neighbors I Live around. I am a disabled vet and have a limited income. Do I need to keep the male cat(Tom) away from the queen during labor? He seems to always try to mate with her even though she is about 6 1/2 weeks pregnant. I love them both but I am not sure how to help her or what do do about the Tom. Any Ideas??

I'm confused. You are a vet? and yet you don't seem to understand basic cat behaviour.

Firstly get your male cat neutered. There is no excuse there is always organisations that can help with this. do some checking around in your area. Phone your vets ask them for advice.

Then once your female has had her kittens and has stopped weaning the kittens you need to have her spayed.

I don't know what you are going to do with the kittens. But if you keep them you will also have to have them all spayed at around 4 months.

Even if you are not letting your cats out having them spayed/ neutered will reduce this aggressive behaviour plus it has many other health benefits which as a vet you will know.

Yes if you can keep the male cat away from the female cat if he is being aggressive towards her. This may get worse after she has the kittens. Have him neutered now.

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