Male cat acts aggressively toward the female

by Shawna
(Renton, WA)

My husband and I moved into a new house three months ago and we brought along an abandoned cat from our old neighborhood that we grew fond of. His name is Wolfie. He used to live outside mainly and now he is indoor only. He seems to really be enjoying the good life indoors and is a very sweet cat most of the time. However, anytime our female cat Sasha walks past him, he always has to chase her. He'll chase her up the stairs, she'll turn around and hiss at him, he'll stand and stare at her she growls and then one of us usually goes up to save her. We also have another male cat Titan who Wolfie doesn't seem to bother. They'll sort of play, but Titan mostly just gets annoyed and will maybe swat at him and then it will end. Wolfie just will not leave Sasha alone. He'll block her when she tries to get up the stairs and chase her anytime he sees her. She HATES him!

I just want to know if there is anyway of breaking this habbit so they can live together peacefully? I've heard of those wall plug-ins or collars that are supposed to emmit a calming pheromone, but I'm a bit skeptical. Please, I'll try anything at this point. I just want my girl to have some peace!

Unfortunately as far as i know there is no way to make two cats get along he they don't want to.

However having said this, it may simply be that your male cat wants to play and she does not. You have only said that there is chasing and no actually aggressive behavior or fights. this suggests that he is p;laying with her and doesn't seem to get the message that she is does not. It really is up to your female cat to bap him back to let him know.

I have not used the cat calming sprays myself but i have known people who have and who have gotten some good results, so it may be worth a go. It may help your female cat to relax around this new male cat and to not feel so threatened by him.

To be honest having three cats who all live inside only can be rather difficult unless you live in a very large property. It is therefore important that you make the inside cats world as stimulating and interactive as possible to prevent boredom and frustration. I have a web page which you may find of further interest about this here

best wishes kate

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