Male cat attacking female, not sexually

by tina heinle
(renton wa)

My girl cat is 15 yrs old. the boy is 7. I had her before him. He is always chasing her and makes her stay out of the living room. They are both fixed and he's never tried to hump her. I recently found some scabs on her neck from him biting her. I know it's not from flees cause they don't have flees. I'm afraid he's going to really hurt her. I've been doing the spray bottle for a few years, but he just won't stop. what should I do?

Answer by Kate
Unfortunately there is not a lot you can do as what is happening is normal cat territorial behaviour. I am assuming that they are both neutered, if not then this can increase their territorial and aggressive behaviour.

Basically your younger cat is asserting his control over the house and making sure the other cat knows her place. It is unusual for there to be serious injury though as it is not in any cats interest to risk serious injury. Normally it is more vocal, with the occasional swipe or bite.

Unfortunately the water spray thing is a waste of time. As all it may do is make them afraid of you but not stop the behaviour as they do not often associate the two things.

Make sure the two cats have there own areas they can retreat too, ie separate litter trays and feeding bowls and sleeping areas etc. This will allow them to have clear territorial boundaries and may not feel the need to be so protective of the whole house.

If the aggressive behaviour continues (even though your male is neutered) and if injuries are occurring, I would suggest speaking to your vet to see if there are any medications which may calm your male cat down.

Hope things settle down for you all soon

best wishes Kate

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