male cat dragging stray female cat around by neck

by sherry
(Canton, OH)

There is a female cat that has no home that comes by to eat. However, I have a male cat that is not fixed. I know its normal when the female is in heat to bite her neck and mount her but what if he is dragging her around. Will he kill her? It looked pretty scary to me. But as I tried to get him he would just drag her further and further away never letting go. I haven't seen her since that day. Please advise.

Thanks in advance for your help.

the mating process can look rather violent to an outsider and so it is possibly not that unusual. It is unlikely that he will kill her as this is not his aim.

However can I strongly urge you not to allow your cat to mate with this stray cat or even better to have him fixed. this will not only stop this behavior from him but will also prevent an unwanted lotter in your area soon.

best wishes kate

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by: Anonymous

I have a 10 month old male kitten and I brought home a 5 week old female kitten home today and all my male one keeps doing is picking her up by the neck and dragging her along of away from we're she laying will he killer her

please please please
by: Anonymous

please neuter your cat as a responsible pet owner....the world does not need any more stray and unwanted cats

male cat dragging female cat.
by: Kevin Johnson

What's interesting is that she puts up with it. He's trying to dominate her, but I don't think he'll hurt her. He's probably alpha in the neighborhood and they like each other.

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