Male Cat nuzzling

by Tammy-Melissa Luxford

My male cat age 8 months continuously nuzzles himself and sucks for prolonged amounts of time, when he does this he leaves massive wet patches that often smell. i am wondering why he does this he has been fixed and i was told that would fix it and it was behavioral but he seems to be happy and relaxed while he is nuzzling himself

Any ideas?

Some cats continue to do this long after they are weaned, they tend to be more insecure animals then the rest of the litter. He may have been the runt of the litter and they are often slower at letting go of these baby ways. the sucking is basically a throw back to suckling from his mother. It may also be caused by a little anxiety possibly caused by boredom or some other issue in the home.

this cat will need a little more attention and this will mean making sure that his home environment is stimulating and distracting so that he has lots of things to keep him occupied. So lots of different sorts of toys and activities and play times with you. he may also respond well to a routine. So specific feeding and playtimes.

I have a page with some ideas for things to keep your cat happy at home here

Every time you see him start to suck on himself try to distract him with a game. Hopefully over time this will break any habit that may also be involved with this sucking action.

best wishes kate

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