Male Cat Problem

by Venisha Crosdale
(Brooklyn, New York, United States)

My cat Tommy

My cat Tommy

Ok, so my cat, male, 6 1/2 months old is aggressive and he sometimes acts crazy. Sometimes he just gets up and starts running and jumping all over the place. He also bites a lot, I don't know how to get him to stop.

Answer by KAte
My first question is have you had him neutered yet? I ask this because his behavior could have something to do with him moving into adulthood and all the hormones associated with this, if he has not been neutered. of he has not then having this done soon will help to calm him down and reduce the aggression.

Other than that at his age he may not have learnt what is acceptable behavior ie when playing that he should not bite. When he does bite you etc during play simply walk away from him and don't look or say anything to him. he will learn that this behavior gets this negative response.

Aggression is also associated with fear, so make sure that there is not something in your home which is making him fearful, sometimes this could be noises, or even smells too.

please see my page about cat aggression here

It is always a good idea to take your cat to the vets for a check up when their behavior becomes excessive or changed as it may well be caused by illness or discomfort.

best wishes kate

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Male Cat Problem
by: Mary Lou

Rocoo was the same way my arms looked like a battle field he was hard to settle down and at the time did not like to be held for long. I had him neutered and that did help with the biting and scratching but he still had the energy. It does work by walking away from them I figured if it worked for dogs why not cats. He would follow and rub my legs and we try again.

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