Male cat protective over kitten

by kerry

I have got a two year old male cat i jus recently got a six week old male kitten. My older cat wont stop licking the kittens bum is this wrong? also my oldr cat hisses at me when i go near him and the kitten ?

Answer by Kate
Sounds to me like your male kitten has gone all maternal over this kitten.

i wouldn't worry too much at this stage. Your male cat is trying to work out what to do with this kitten and is probably feeling a a little anxious too.

Give him some space with the kitten but do keep an eye on him that he does not lick the kitten too much an cause sores. Sometimes anxious cats can go a little over board with the grooming etc. The licking of the bottom is something a mother cat would do to help stimulate the kitten to urinate etc.

the kitten is very young in deed and should be with his mother still until he is weaned but if this is not possible then you will have to take on feeding duties etc. Please see my pages about this here

best wishes Kate

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My boys
by: Anonymous

We have two male cats: Butterscotch (age 4, Maine Coon) and Phantom (age 1, white house cat). Both boys were strays when we adopted them (years between adoptions) and Butterscotch seems to go mommy on the kitten one minute and then back to big brother the next. Its cute, they'll play fight or watch birds together and then out of nowhere our adult cat will start grooming our kitten. Even cuter, occasionally the kitten will waddle up to the adult and plop down and then the grooming commences.

It happen to me
by: Anonymous

I have the same thing happen to my cats too. Well except the over protective part. You see my older cat (Martin) was introduce to kitten (Rocket) when the kitten was one month old. Rocket was a stray kitten my parents found underneath the car. Rocket was as small as a water bottle and one month old. We don't know where his mother is but I guess he was abandon maybe because he was a runt. We have stairs whom leads to our door so when Martin meant Rocket he went and try to cos the kitten to climb the stairs (I regret not taking video). So I guess is instinctive for older cats to look after those who are younger than them.

Male cat protective over kitten
by: tracy

My male cat Bootsie who is now 4 yrs. old did the same thing when we got our new female kitten Bonnie. I accidently stepped on Bonnie's paw and Botsie attacked me. Anyway, as time went on Bootsie got better and all is fine. Bonnie is 1 and a half now and they adore each other. I called Bootsie Mama Bootsie cuz he was acting like a mama. Just give it some time. Your cat will adjust and will stop being as protective. It's a adjustment for everyone.

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