Male cat unhappy at night suddenly??

by Dawn
(British Columbia, Canada)


I have a year old neutered male cat. He is allowed out in the day but is brought in before it gets dark at night. This is usually the routine and he's fine with it. One night, I got home after dark and the cat was still outside. I brought him in and ever since, whenever I bring him in before it gets dark, he walks around the house meowing strangely, seems agitated and restless, and will hiss if I try to pick him up. Has he just had a taste of the night life and liked it?

yes i think you could be right he may have realized that after dark is the fun time.

in nature cats are more alert at nighttime as this when they go hunting etc, so it may that he has discovered some ice etc somewhere that come out at night. I know my two cats hard to get in at night.

He will probably calm down over the next few days (hopefully) my two have periods of settling down at night and others when they are itching to get out.

There may even be an animal outside that your cat senses or smells and he could be reacting to that. Again this should subside.

best wishes kate

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