Male cat urinating on couch

hi, my male cat seems to be pissing on the couch, both female and male are over twelve years old, but spry and young. I inherited them from an ex-girlfriend this winter, they've both been good to this point. It used to be a problem with him in the past and was hoping it was over but he started up again about two weeks ago. I haven't brought him into a vet yet, don't have one in Brooklyn yet, do you think it may be a UTI problem? I've just recently stopped feeding him anything with seafood in it.

Thank you,

Hi Joey
well yes it could be that he has a UTI. Take a look at this page to see if he has any of the symptoms described

The other possibility is that it is behavioral due to anxiety which is not uncommon. If you feel certain that he does not have a UTI then take a look at y page about behavioral issues causing urination here

best wishes kate

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