Male Kittens With Abdomen Lumps

by Samara

I bought two male blue point Siamese kittens. One is much smaller than the other and was miss sexed as a female up until he is was 10 weeks old. They were born on April 17, 2008. They have had two out of the three series of the four in one, feline leukemia, and the two dewormers. They tested negative for feline leukemia and FIV. I take them to get shots from a clinic who charges just for the shots and just gives them shots.

Their last shot series were August 2, 2008. Tonight (August 3rd) is the first night I noticed it. They both have a round lump under each back leg on their abdomen, it is a little bigger than a pea. On the smaller one I noticed that there is what feels like fat around one lump, the other lump has a string feeling like thing coming from it heading towards his butt. On the bigger cat, one lump is just round with not other distinction, the other one is not so round and has the fat feeling stuff around it.

I am wondering what these are. I do not want to over react and pay a couple hundred dollars and find out they are just fat cells or something. However if it is something serious I want to take them to a vet right away.

Could you please let me know what you think they might be and what I should do?

Answer by kate
They could be glands. If both cats have them i would suggest that it is something that should be there as it is unlikely that both cats would have the same problem at the same time.
My suggestion whould be that as long as they are not suffering with any discomfort from them and continue to beahve the same and eat and use the litter the same i would't worry too much.
Sometimes it is all to easy to find problems tht are't really there.
best wishes kate

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