Male Large cat licking genitals??

by Corin

Ok, my large black and white cat if about...lets say 3 years old. He is a little big and he is about 13 lbs. He used to have a bladder infection but we took him to the Vet and they said that we needed to take his food up from eating so much. It went away and about a year later (now) he is very vocal. He is a very sweet inside cat but he is starting to lick his genitals alot and meowing more often. Sometimes he will stay still and his tail will sort of go in between his legs and just stay there and pause for like a min. or a couple seconds, then keep walking. I clean the litter box and everything but i think he is having bathroom problems.

What should I do?!

Answer by Kate
yes this does sound like he is in some discomfort still. I don't know how long ago you took him to the vet or if they gave you some medication or not and if so if you have completed the treatement yet or not.

I would really suggest that you take him to the vets again very soon if it is more than a week ago that you took him to the vet before. Urinery infections can be quite nasty and can be very distressing for the cat.

I hope things can be sorted out soon for you both.

best wishes Kate

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