Male neutered cat constantly marking

by Erin

I have a 6 year old bengal male, Plato, that has been fixed since he was just a year old. A few days ago, when we opened the windows for summer, he began spraying a little bit at a time. Everything I read online said when they spray, they remain standing and their tail stands straight up. He is crouching with his legs spread and tail down while he is doing it. I know what my cat's urine looks and smells like, and what is coming out is not urine. Instead of smelling like ammonia it smells dirty and is clear and a little oily. He has been arroused almost non stop, and is crouching a releasing about a nickel size amount of this liquid anywhere from every hour to every two minutes. Every once in a while he releases a tiny little bit of feces (about one inch long and very thin) right after the liquid. He doesn't seem to be in pain, and even though he is very vocal, he isn't meowing while he is doing this, or when he is urinating in the litter box. I know it could be a kidney problem or crystals in his urine, but I swear, THIS IS NOT URINE. When I first noticed the problem, I went out and got Feliway spray and sprayed it everywhere, and he was right back to doing this in the very same spots I just put the Feliway on. I also bought a collar that is supposed to calm him by mimicking the pharamone released by the mother to sooth kittens. He has still "sprayed" several times since the collar was put on. He is even doing it while he eats and drinks!!! Please help, I am terrified for him and love him too much to let him suffer! It is too late for me to take him to the vet right now and I need some reassurance that he will be OK!

- Thank You -

Plato's mom

Answer by KAte
this does sound very odd indeed and would suggest that it is something else other than spraying.

i think your best option is to make sure he has plenty to drink in the mean time and to book him in to see a vet as soon as possible. this really does need to be investigated further.

I would be interested to know what the vet thinks it is as this does sound like it could be an infection or perhaps some obstruction.

i hope he is better soon

best wishes Kate

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