mangy looking cat and sore on the sides of the mouth

by William
(cleveland,ohio )

i have had Precious for over 8 years now and he was the neighborhood boss for a long time! he had gotten a gift from one of my neighbors

(he got fixed!!) anyways, after that happened he got fat so he didnt go out as much as he used to.

ive noticed lately though that he has gotten mangy looking(sores all over the body and is rather sore on the corners of his mouth and tends to drool now..) can you help me figure out what this is?? i am not rich and cannot take him anywhere since i came from the hospital myself and cannot afford to take him to the vet and hope ther are alternatives here at home i can help him with(amoxicillin is available--human though)

Fist of all it is dangerous to give cats human medicine. their bodies are not able to process certain chemicals etc like our own even in small doses, so it is better not to give any non prescribed medicine to a cat.

As for his sores etc.

Well unfortunately there are so many possibilities, fleas, mites, skin allergies, mange.

It does rather sound like mange to be or a very bad case of fleas.

Please please try and do something for this cat. he must be feeling very sore and in discomfort all the time. Unfortunately their are different sorts of mange caused by different sorts of mites and which need different treatment. The only way to find out which it is for a vet to do a skin scarping to find out.

Are there no animal charities in your area which could help out with the costs? It is always worth checking out as this cat is suffering at the moment.

if you take a look at my page here there are two animal shelters listed in Ohio. It may be worth giving them a call to see if they can help or know of any help available.

I do hope you can help this poor cat soon.

best wishes kate

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