Marshall Deitch & Rosie

by Marshall Deitch
(Palm Harbor, Florida)

Rosie [She is a lover now.]

Rosie [She is a lover now.]

About 3 years ago Rosie was living inside a small home in a cul-de-sac in Palm Harbor Florida. One day this person moved away and tossed her outside. The inside cat was outside wandering the area for three months till one day she found the Doggy Door of my good friends home, for Max the dog.

The time of day this happened is unknown since everyone in the home was at work or in school. What is known is that Rosie was eating the dogs food and found later in the day on top of the couch when everyone got home and Max the dog ignoring everything and sleeping on the floor as usual. The dog and cat situation did not happen here.

My friend called me about the cat in his home on top of the couch because he knew many years in the past I had two cats that did tricks and were trained to do more than dogs could do. Snuggles and Cuddles died after 21 years with me about ten years in the past. So I got the call and he told me the story about the person dumping her cat and then I was hooked. I still had a carrier and the next day she was off to Banfield vet to get rotated inside and out. I could not take a cat into my home unless it was clean and tagged with the proper shots.

It was found out that Rosie was fixed and chipped but never had the chip registered so this was done and nails clipped and off she went home with me.

At this time she was still jumpy and very thin. For almost 6 months she still would nip and bite me. I did not give up on her. Once I introduced her to cat treats she tamed down and became a buddy over night.

Today she is a lover and follows me every place I go or sit plus a obstacle between my keyboard and computer screen. We are in training to lay down on command and demands for touching and a good scratch are all the time going on now.

Running away and hiding in or below from me are now over and it is now at me all over and I cannot shave or be alone in any place of my home and Rosie has filled out. She still has a crazy time and will jump on my shoe or ankle and bite it for no reason coming out from under the queen size bed outside of this she accepts my touching her feet and tail for scratching and petting.

She is now a lovey and close, totally not the cat on the top of the couch with a bunch of negatives. It takes time but Rosie came back. In the home she came from her name was Rosie. Estimated age is 4 as she was in a place prior to the one that put her out as they moved away.

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Cats need their claws
by: Anonymous

Lovely rescue story! Good on you. Glad Rosie is happy. Just re clipping her claws, cats actually need their claws to walk properly, they will need to re-learn how to walk when claws are clipped, they also are left vulnerable if they wander outdoors.
There are alternatives depending on the reasons why you think you need to clip her claws, mainly behavioural training, scratching posts etc
Here's to happy cats!

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