matted fur and fleas

by Kimberly Hirst
(Huddersfield, West York Shire)

hi, i saw this website today and i found it very helpful. As i was bathing my cat today after 3-4 Months, I noticed that he seems to have flea's and Matted Fur!! The most i found was....8-13Flea's and i was shocked because this was the first time i had seen matted fur two thumbs long and wide and they just won't come out as they were stuck like glue to his skin!!. As he is a Persian in-door cat he does not go out very often. I only let him out twice a week for about 1 Hour all togeather. He was 3 Mounths old when we bought him and now he is just over 1 Years old. I would like to does Cat Flea's affect Adults and Children? Is it harmful and dangrous to both Cat and Carers? Please could you answer as soon as possible. Thankyou very much and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Answer by Kate
Well matted fur when it gets that bad has to be cut out by a professional groomer or vet as it can be extremely painful for the cat.
Matted fur allows grit and all sorts to get causght up inn it and probably provided the fleas with a nice little place to hide. So after getting the matts removed you wil have to groom him every day from now on to prevent a reoccurance of the matts.

As for fleas well they can be very nasty for cats as they can cause anemia if the infestation is bad, plus it is very uncomfortable for the cat to be itchy and bitten all the time. PLUS the flea can carry the lavea of the tapeworm which is something you do not want your cat to have also.

as for humans well cat fleas cannot live on us but you may get the odd bite if they are in your carpets and of course if they can spread to other animals or carpets if they get on us temporarily. So they really are something you don't want around. you may have already seen my page about cat fleas here if not then please check ouit the page for more information.

best wishes and a happy new year

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