May 3rd 2010 Even cat brothers have fights sometimes

by Kate

I wanted to tell you about a scene today between Byron and Shelley, my two male cat brothers. Mainly to illustrate that animals do have feelings and thought processes similar to us sometimes.

Shelley and Byron love to play with each other all the time, they run after each other and attack and roll around on the floor together in mock fights. Today was slightly different.

They both seemed rather excited for some reason and their game seem a little more energetic and frantic than normal but all good natured. the Byron grabbed Shelley by the back and pinned him down into a corner. Nothing odd here but this time Shelley started to hiss and then to cry out pitifully. Byron was obviously being too rough this time.

Byron let go and sat back in shock at the noises that Shelley had made. Shelley was looking scared and became very afraid and timid around Byron and just wanted to get away. Byron stepped back and rolled on his back and made a little chirrup sound. A very submissive pose to show Shelley that he was sorry and that he didn't mean it. Shelley regained his confidence at this gesture and immediately grabbed Byron by the throat, again a normal game action. Byron lay back and di not defend the move and just waited until Shelley became bored and let go.

All was well again and the two cats were best buds again.

it amazed me watching all this that even a cat would feel sorry for his actions and try to make amends. It warmed my heart and the next time I hear someone say that they are only animals and do not have feelings, i will tell this this story to prove them wrong,.

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