Mean kitten

by amy Ottaway
(Oak island,NC usa)

We have a 9 month old female Flame Point. We acquired her from my sister cats litter. Her mother belongs to my sister and is a sweet natured cat, the father is unknown and may be a feral. We brought her home at 8 weeks and she saw the vet soon after. Since then she has been seen several times for her check ups and vaccinations and finally her spaying. She is a member of our family with two children ages 9 and 11 both whom love her and want to play and pet her.The problem is she will not and has never allowed us to hold her or pet her,She will bite us if we pet her and scratch and growl at us when we attempt to hold her .

She is an inside /outside cat using the pet door to access the yard. We also have an older cat who could care less for her, and a small dog who is 11 years old and loves to chase her about. Her appetite is ferocious.She eats kitten chow and when she is hungry between meals she eats the dogs food.( The dog eats at will and always has food in his dish)
She is very pretty and has a beautiful coat that one wants to stroke and feel but she will have none of it.
Any thoughts as to why she is so mean and self centered and do you think she will out grow it with age? There is no fear we will give her away. I am a firm believer in taking responsibility for animals and do never take a pet I do not plan to love and protect for life.We just want to be able to love her.Thank You ,any info you can give will be much appreciated The Ottaway

Answer by Kate
Well there is no one answer to
this question apart from some cats, like some people, just prefer to be left alone. i know this may sound a little harsh but I have a few cats in my lifetime, some who won't leave you alone and look for attention all the time, some who likes a tickle but only for a few minutes and then they have had enough and others who have treated me like there servant and at arms length.

Admittedly a lot has to do with their first few months of life. the first seven weeks is known as the sensitive period and this is when they should be handled a lot, and introduced to many different people and animals.

Also if you don't mind me saying it does sound like your household could be rather, lets say, noisy and boisterous with the kids and the other animals. This may be making the cat feel a little unsettled and guarded.

i don't know how you all approach your cat, you sound very caring and kind, but it maybe that she needs to build her confidence with you all in her own way. that means allowing her to come to you and for your approach to her to be non threatening i.e not looking directly in her eyes etc.

i do have a web page about how to bond with a cat which you all may find of help, it talks about how to let a cat approach you rather than the other way around.

the secret is little steps and on her terms and eventually she should feel happy and confident enough to allow you to stroke her, but don't be surprised if she does not let you pick her up. Some cats hate this and never grow to like it.

here is my page about bonding

best wishes and i hope you have many happy years together.


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Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much. I am going to have everyone in the family read this information so we can all allow Miss Priss to be happy and content in her home.Maybe we have been intruding on her life style.
Thank you
Tha Ottaway family

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