Meowing 15 year old cat

by Holly

Brujah the Cat

Brujah the Cat


I read your types of meows...
so my 15 year old cat - NOW after all these years
wants a mate?!
He just walks off at all times of day and now early morning (4am)
and meow-aowls!
we work at home so he's not in want of humans.
I thought maybe it's an old man type of talking to one's self
though he is spry and most people think he's only 6-7 years old
if not 3-4

thank you

Answer by KAte
Well I don't think he is calling for a mate, it is more likely age related as you suggest.

it is not unusual for older cats to suffer from a form of mental senility and meowing is often a sign of this. please see my web page about senior cats here

The first thing to always do when a cats behaviour changes is to have them checked by a vet for a over all health check. that way you will know for certain that the meowing is purely behavioural and not due to pain etc.

Unfortunately if it is due to old age there is not much you can do to stop it. the vet may prescribe some calming medication but again this is for the vet to suggest.

Love the picture. he certainly looks in good condition with his lovely black shiny coat.

Best wishes Kate

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Brujah the cat
by: Anonymous

yes...I found your page on older cats and took everything to heart...Mr B has just been to his vet and they said that his blood work is puuurfect!
I am giving him EXTRA cuddles and have brought up his carrier so he can cuddle and watch me work.
Seems the extra cuddles helps a bit and he didn't wake us this morning...he seems aware of where he is and who we are....I wonder if all these rainy days are making him plum bored!
My girlfriend's cat is doin the same!
I think I might join them...all this rain totally bites!

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