Messy Litter Box

by Sara
(Appleton, WI)

I am a first time cat owner and have a one year old cat. In the last two weeks or so, he has been making a mess around his litter box-litter everywhere!! Not just a little, but almost a quarter of the litter in the box into a pile just outside! Nothng has changed and not sure where this behavior has come from but it's really making a mess. Is it time to try a different litter?

Answer by Kate
Some cats do get a little over enthusiastic about scrabbling in their litter tray. When this happens I recommend a litter tray with a top so that the litter cant get out onto the floor. i have this sort for my two as they like to scrabble for a long time.

You could also try a different type of litter as this may also help stop this from happening. i have a web page with a few examples of different types of litter for more information here

best wishes Kate

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