Minor flea issue

by Jess

I recently noticed that my cat has fleas. I don't know how she got them because she is strictly an indoor cat. I am so frustrated bacause I have been finding flea dirt in places she likes to be, but I haven't been able to find many fleas on her. I have given her three baths with Dawn dish soap, which was recommended by a friend. I have only been able to get four fleas off of her in all three baths. She is black, so it is hard to see them on her anyway, but I have even tried to check for flea dirt by rubbing her down with a damp, white paper towel and was never able to get much flea dirt off of her that way. I bought her some of those flea drops as the store and they don't seem to work, I just wasted 14 bucks. Is it ok that I continue to wash her with the Dawn? Is it dangerous to her health? I was also informed that I could mix the Dawn with water in a spray bottle abd spray the whole house down with it. Is this going to be bad for her either? Are there any other tips or tricks you might have for getting rid of fleas? Are there any methods I should not try bacause they may harm her?

Answer by Kate
well i wouldn't recommend continually washing her especially with something designed for dishes as this will ruin the condition of her fur and could dry her skin out.

Unfortunately the spot on flea treatments available from the stores are often rubbish because they don't contain the chemical which stop the fleas from reproducing all they mainly are is scented to try and deter fleas.
the only real way to treat a cat is to get the proper spot on flea treatments mainly only available from your vets and yes they are more expensive, but thats because they work.

i have many pages about flea treatment including one for your home which you must also do other wise your cat will keep getting re infected.

the pages will give you a better undersatnding of how the flea lives etc which makes it easier for us to treat correctly to get rid of them for good.

here is the first page but do read all three pages as knowledge is power I always say.


best wishes Kate

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