Misty Magic not feeling so magic at the moment

by Julie

Dear Kate,

I was given a female blue cat of seven months old,very loving very sweet,i noticed on the first day as if she couldent sit on her backside properly so took her to the vets for check and worming treatment,shes very fiesty doesent stop eating runs after the four other cats everything fine,i noticed how she would place one front arm on the floor followed by a dragging and tail going up and acting strange sometimes going flat on the floor so i booked her in to be spayed with the local vets.
We had misty spayed on the 13th january,seemed fine by the next day back to normal scamping around non-stop,by tuesday the 18th noticed a change, not much activity,wont eat being worried took her back to the vets,she had a very high temprature and is now on atibiotics for 8 days,she has not eaten or drank for two days,i have tried a syringe with whiskas milk,burns dried kitten food and to no avail nothing seems to be working,i have even bought sheeba pouches in jelly and gravy but no she just sleeps in one place.
I was very worried and asked if any foreigne body ie objects she may have eaten she often plays with sweet wrapers and has chewed my daughters earphones up 4 times,my daughter explained even though they were chewed they were intact.I took her small hard stools to
the vet the last time she poo d 19th january,he did explain if she had anything trapped in her intestines she would not have been able to poo.
My concern now is she has not eaten or drank for two days or pood for 3 days what could i try.

Answer from Kate
the most important thing to do here is to keep her hydrated. If she dehydrates this could be very serious plus it won't make the constipation any better either. Not eating is Ok but she must have fluids, preferably water.

if she won't drink by herself then you will have to force some into her either by using a teaspoon or a syringe. the vet should be able to give you a syringe if need be.

If she does become dehydrated then the vet will want to see her urgently.

The fact she is not moving around much and not drinking will be making her constipation worse. You could try gently massaging her tummy to try and help stimulate her insides.

if she is still no better in another day or so then you will need to telephone your vets again for further advice and attention.

Hopefully though she just has a virus which the antibiotics will sort out and once she gets some fluids into her again things will start to look up.

I hope she is better soon

best wishes Kate

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