Molly A Cat Rescue Story

by Dalila

This is Molly

This is Molly

My story is an amazing rescue but it's real. Collin was leaving a cottage to come meet us at a friends house before going home with us.It starts by when he was driving down a road where almost nobody goes, it was freezing out and there were tons of snow banks.They were covered in that disgusting brown salt. He was driving by when he saw something move.He stopped the car and a 6 month old kitten jumped out of the snow, he thought it would just run away but it surprisingly ran towards our car so he opened the passenger door and the cat jumped in.The cat sat on his lap all the way to our friends house.He gave it to Alex for his Birthday and he named her Molly.She is a white cat with orange/brown spots.

Lucky Molly
by: Lucy Bluitt

How fortunate Molly was, normally cats will, as your friend/husband expected Molly to do, run away when we try to befriend them; making it a lot more difficult for us to rescue them. It is OK if one encounters them near where we live, and we can take the time needed to foster their trust enough for us to rescue them. I have quite a lot of lovely rescue stories, some of which I may relate when time permits. As a result of this work & as a carer I now have 6 much loved moggies. When travelling by caravan (with our then 3 felines!)around Australia we repeatedly encountered "strays" jumping in & out of refuse bins ..... I found this terribly distressing as I wanted to rescue them all from their sad lives.I left bowls of food all around the country! God bless all those that rescue cats.

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