Mom cat growls/hisses/meows at kittens.

Hi,we rescued a cat at least a year ago and took her in. months later she had 2 baby kittens and nursed them and looked after them, but now when she sees them, all she wants to do is growl/hiss/or meow at them aggressively.

what is wrong with her?

Answer from KAte
sounds like normal behavior to me.

in nature once the litter is weaned it is not in the interest of the mother cat to have her kittens around any more. territory is limited, food may be too and if she is going to have another litter this makes the new kittens priority. So they would naturally try to scare the older kittens away.

Having her spayed and the kittens neutered and spayed too once they are 4 months old would help the situation.

best wishes KAte

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My cats
by: Anonymous

My mama cat is just growling at her and if they get close then the mama just growls ,hits her and runs away I have no idea what it means

by: Anonympia ous

I have a kitten she's had for litters we kept one every time mother passes by she hisses letter that kind of freaks me out now should I get rid of the mother can't because she became evil.

No don't be silly. she has not become evil.

First of all I have to say I wish you would get your cat spayed as it is not fair on her, her kittens or the rest of us.

I don't know what to say to you. Please read this site properly especially the pages about kittens, it will let you know what is happening. Mother cats who keep getting pregnant will always try to shoo away her previous kittens but this is the natural way of things.

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