by Deb Gauthier

I am retired & have currently have a limited budget,my question is, my old female cat has developed a lump on the inside of her ear,its soft & warm to the touch,i know she needs to be seen by a Dr. but until April 1st, when I will be taking all 3 cats to the doc, I want to know if there is anything at home I can do for the ear.

Answer by kate
no not really. you could make sure the ear is clean and that your cat stays out of bright or strong sun light in case it was caused by sunburn. but really the lump needs to be seen and tested before any treatment can be correctly given.

April the first is not too far away, but if you can get her to the vet sooner the better. If it is something nasty that needs to be removed then it may prevent any spread if it is caught sooner rather than later.

Hope it is nothing to serious
best wishes Kate

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Reply to your cat having a lump inside the ear
by: Mary in NC

I have worked in Cat Rescue for many years and am currently enrolled in a Vet Tech Class.
I have seen this alot and even had 2 of my own cats develope this or something like what you describe.

I am not a Vet and it is always best to have a Vet see your pet first but my cats developed what is called "Ear Hematoma".
This is a bubble type lump on the inside of the cats ear on the inside of the ear flap.
The bubble is spongy and warm to the touch and this is because it is blood filled.

This is caused by excessive shaking of the head....usually caused by an ear infection or possibly ear mites. The excessive head shaking causes a rupture of a tiny blood vessel inside the ear flap and it fills with blood.
These Ear Hematomas can be variable in size.
My cats had one that got to be the size of a nickle and they appear and fill fast once the rupture occurs.
My vet said they are alittle painful and uncomfortable for the cat.
By NO means should you try to drain them yourself!
My vet numbed my cats ear and lanced it, drained it and sutured it back and it healed nicely with no complications.
But again let me state that this is somthing that ONLY a vet should do.
Its not a life or death thing but not something that feels good to your cat if untreated.

I hope I helped you with this info but always the best action is seek advice from your vet FIRST.

Good luck to you and your kittys.


comment by kate
thanks Mary for your useful information ;)

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