Moody Cat

by Boo


I have 2 cat who are half brothers (approx 2 weeks difference in age). We got them together and we have had them now for one year. They have always been very close and slept together and groomed each other. Over the last couple of months the slightly older one has seemed to be 'moody' with the younger one. We have noted him 'bat' him on the head when he walks past etc. Its not a nasty attack or anything but we were wondering why he seems to be doing this now. They will still sleep together but not as much anymore. If you have any experience of this I would be grateful to hear from you.


Boo Wheatcroft

Answer from Kate
This is completely normal behavior. I have two brother cats who when they were small, would sleep, play etc all the time but as they got older they to will have their spats etc. It's all normal, just like teenage kids will fight with their siblings. Its all about growing up and exerting their territorial rights. There will always be one cat who wants to be the dominant one and so this could be the first signs of this happening.

Don't worry these spats are normally over quickly and are rarely severe enough to cause injury. we need not get involved as it is important that the cats are allowed to sort out their own issues with each other.

By the way I assume they are both neutered, if not then this can cause further aggression which could turn nasty as they get older.

best wishes Kate

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