More about the seven cats

by Doris

Ive alresdy introduced you to our cats, so here comes an update. Today is August 23rd so we are celebrating 0rchids second birthday, its Ians birthday too - but hes a bit older than 0rchid..... All the cats are fine right now Rosie, Fae and Mia-kit are on top of the bookcase I mean a bookcase that nearly reaches the ceiling, Fleur is on my armchair, 0rchid is on the back of my armchair, Pretti is in the bedroom and Topaz is in the bathroom. Sometimes it feels like the place is home to a liitle furry football team. Mind you, if food appears they will all miraculosly wake up. They all have their own personalities and nicknames; Fleur is the boss {well, he thinks he is} one of our neighbours calls him the king he does go out and has his own territory ie the green at the back, a deserted garden, our neighbours shed, and another neighbours front garden because hes made friends with her cat. Hes a Prince among cats and knows it, he gets called my witchy-cat, also we have this little chant (me and Fleur} it goes "my boy, my boy, my beautiful boy, my only boy". Rosie is an indoor cat, she doesnt want to go anywhere, I guess being a stray did that, shes gentle, doesnt like being picked up, but will come on your lap for a fuss, she likes to sit on the computor monitor to look out of the window, so far she hasnt logged on anywhere but Im sure she will. Her nicknames are Rosy-posy, and Rose without a thorn (I like history). 0rchid doesnt really go anywhere, shes got the real rag-doll personality, and also loves to adopt kittens, or anything smaller than her (most things are smaller than her....). She gets called 0rchy, my little 0rca, and my big kitten. Pretti is a real little bossy boots, very much like Fleur in personality actually, and always the first to greet a new cat in the household

and make it feel at home. She goes out sometimes, but only plays on the green at the back for about an hour then comes back. She loves water, and I mean loves; if theres a bowl of water shell jump in it. Shes medium size with a stocky build, Ian says shes a little sumo wrestler, her main nickname is Prit-stik (what else). Fae is gentle, she doesnt go out because of her eyesight, but she does fine indoors - her, Mia and Pretti create havoc playing. Her nickname comes from the musical Joeseph and the amazing technicolur dreamcoat; Joseph sings "my coat of many colours, how I love my coat of many colours.", well, my song could be "my cat of many colours, how I love my cat of many colours". Mia-kit, is tiny for her age, but shes got a personality big enough for a lion, shes not afraid of anything, shes affectionate and very outgoing, Shes gets called Mimi at times, she also gets called a few other things when she jumps onto Ians back when he doesnt have a shirt on. Shes got sharp claws for a little one. Then we come to Topaz, shes coming out of her shell, and is starting to wash herself, she didnt bother when she first came, even though Ive been grooming her every day, she seems gentle and timid, but shes purrs beautifully. She doesnt play yet, but she will, she just needs time, I call her our little gem, or our little jewel. Well, I have some topaz jewellery, but shes the most beautiful topaz of all, because shes not a cold stone, shes warm and alive. Id better go now, and I will update soon, I might even send some of my poems along bye.

Comment by Kate
Thank you for letting us all know how they all are it really cheered me up, especially today as we had to say farewell to our beloved Little Mo yesterday. Look forward to your future posts.

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