More then one cat

by Haley
(West haven, ut, Us)

I have 5 cats, 3 female 2 male, one male is a kitten. All but 2 cats fight and hiss and swat at each other, I have tried to get them together by playing with all of them and sometimes it goes well but other times it doesnt. I need advise on helping my cats stay positive and getting along with each other.


Answer from Kate
Sadly Haley no matter what you do you will never over ride a cats natural instincts.

The behavior you describe is natural cat behavior. It is all to do with territory and becoming top cat in the home.

Cats are not pack animals and so do not naturally like to live with many other cats. So when you have 5 cats all living together there are bound to be fights etc.

I assume they are all neutered or will be. This will reduce there desire to fight but it won't completely stop it. even my two boy cats who are neutered and brothers will occasionally have a spat but most times it is all over a few seconds and no damage has been done.

I don't know what your living conditions are and whether or not you allow your cats outside or not. But cats need space and so making sure they have that is important for there happiness and well being.

best wishes Kate

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