Moses, loosing weight, eating...

by Sue


My cat Momo, is 17 years old. He used to be really fat, I mean VERY fat. In the past couple of months he has lost so much wieght that his ribs are showing. He looks like he is starving, but he still loves to eat and eats like he always did. Also, his feces is very smelly. I know cat poop can be pretty bad, but lately Momo's poop is horrible. The smell can wake me up out of a dead sleep!
He doesnt have worms (vet checked a sample of his stool).
What could this be? Maybe thyroid? As soon as I get the money for a blood test I'm taking him to the vets. Unfortunatley the vet's around here are really expensive and I don't have the $150 - $200 for the blood test. I can't even afford for ME to go to the doctor right now!
Thank you very much for any help.

Answer by Kate
It is impossible to say what this could be s as you know only a blood test can identify the problem. A thyroid condition is one of the reasons why a cat will loss weight like this.

I am really worried though that you are not able to get treatment for him right now. If it is a thyroid condition and he is already really thin, he will start to loss muscle if there is no ft left on him and he will grow weak quickly.

Are there no animal charities that can help? there must be some organisation that can help where you live.

I urge you to try and find some way of getting him to the vets as soon as you can. My own cat little mo who is also around 16 had a similar problem and if we had left it any longer i fear we may have lost her. Luckily we caught it in time and now she is back to her old self.

I really do wish you both well and i hope you can find some way of getting him seen by vet soon

best wishes kate

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