Mother cat gave birth 4 days ago is bleeding

We took in a stray cat that was pregnant and she gave birth to 3 kittens and stopped her labor immediately after the third kitten. She is a smaller cat but an adult and I know she has gave birth to a little before. Yesterday I noticed a little bit of blood on her blanket and though it might have been one of the kittens umbilical cords but all was fine. Today there was a little bit more blood and noticed it was coming from the mother cats...birthing area. She has been eating very well, has had two reg bowl movements but has not urinated. She is caring and nursing for her kittens as well. Earlier today she got out of her box was trying to tuck her bottom underneath her body was meowing and could not stay still. This lasted about a minute until she heard one of her kittens cry then she ran back to the box. She growls in her box with the kittens every once in a while and wants me by her side.Her stomach also seems a little swollen. I know that just like a human her stomach is not going to go back to normal but I am not sure if it is overly swollen. I was just wondering if I could get any advice on what is going on and if I need to take her into the vet. I do not have the money that they charge to just examine her let alone to do a procedure if needed but in order to keep this cat alive I would find a way to get the money. Does anybody have any advice? Anything would help! Thank you so much!

She may still have a kitten inside f her. Sometimes a cat will give birth to some kittens then stop labor and continue again 24 to 48 hours later.

Spots of blood after giving birth is not unusual but it should not go on for more than a couple of days.

All you can do is feel her tummy to see if you can feel any movement be very gentl though as too much pressure can damage kittens inside.

If she is still the same on day three and if she has not passed urine i would say get her to the vets as soon as you can in case their have been complications.

I hope she is Ok

best wishes kate


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My cat is bleeding after giving birth
by: Anonymous

My cat gave birth to four kittens last July 5. She was actually a stray cat before that went in our balcony and never leave so we took care of her since then. Since the day she gave birth to her kittens she nurse them very well and she also,eats normally. Now, July 7, she seems really irritated and can't stay still, but she still eat and nrse her kittens. Then we noticed that her birth area is bleeding. I dont really know what to do and what she's going through. I badly want to take her to the vet, sadly I don't have money. So if there atleast something i can do like a home remedy or something?

Stray Cat Still Bleeding After Birth.
by: Anonymous

We've been taking care of this stray,pregnant cat for a while now and she just gave birth on Monday May 1st, around 7 AM. We had no idea she was even having her babies until she brought an already dead kitten up to us like she wanted us to help her. Also she is an outside cat so we have no idea were she is keeping the other kitten/kittens but we know that she does have at least one other kitten because I looked at her nipples, and the fur around them are wet. Today I picked her up and she was bleeding from her birthing area and it's Thursday May 5th.She eats well and I'm pretty sure she goes to the bathroom fine. All I wanted to know was that if it's normal for her to still be bleeding.

what to do about my cat
by: elle

i have a 1 1-2 yr cat who gave birth 2 days ago for 2nd time. first day kittens nursed but after that i saw no sign of nursing on mama. now she is bleeding out of her birthing area. she is an outside- inside cat and hid the kittens from us, we dont even know if they are alive. i dont know if this is the place to ask questions but can anyone help me?

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