mother cat making noise

my cat has 5 week old kittens and she is constantly making this weird noise it driving me mad!!!!

Answer from Kate
I'm not sure what you mean by making a strange noise. if you mean she is calling all the time then this would be because she is either feeling a little anxious or she is calling to her kittens all the time.

if the call is strange and she also displays other problems ie feeding the kittens, not eating or drinking properly or not going to the bathroom properly then it may be wise to have her looked at my a vet.

Having kittens can take it out of a cat physically and sometime they need extra help after wards to help keep them healthy and able to care for the kittens.

kittens wean between 8 and 12 weeks so at 5 weeks they are still very reliant on their mother for food and care so it is important that she is healthy.

I have some pages here about kitten care which you may find of further interest and help.

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