Mother Cat

by Jessica
(South Bend, IN)

My mother cat had 2 kittens on June 6th, I have dogs in my home. Very friendly dogs. But, I have kept kittens and mom in my bedroom closet. Mom seemed to be perfectly happy with that. But, for the last 5-6 days she has been carrying one of them out of the closet and placing them on the bedroom floor. Is there any specific reason she would be doing this? The kittens are 4 weeks old so I have recently moved them from the box they were in and placed them on pillows on the closet floor but the only way I can keep mom from moving them is to close the closet door with her in there with them. The closet is rather large, so the litter box and moms food and water are also in there. Mom was moving them before I took them out of the box, and she is continuing to do so. She only brings one or the other out, she never brings them both out. Never the same one twice in a row. There are 2 children in my home. But their time near the kittens is supervised and limited. Their is one other adult cat in my home, she is the sister of the mother cat, but she is never near the kittens. Since mom has started doing this I have kept her in the closet with the kittens, I let mom out of the closet once an hour or so so she can mingle and get human interaction, leaving the kittens in the closet while mom mingles around the house for about a half hour. Every once in a while I will close myself in the closet with mom and kittens and the kittens are quite active. I have tried everything I could think of to make mom more comfortable but she keeps doing this. Please help.

Answer by Kate
At 4 weeks the kittens should be moving around more and so it would not be unusual for the mum cats to start moving them as she is now starting to want to train them etc.

the kittens also need to meet other animals and other people as well have lots of handling at this stage. the first seven weeks of a kittens life is known as the sensitive period and it is this time that is vital at making the kittens good future pets. Please see this page for more information

bet wishes Kate

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