Mother had kittens 3 weeks ago and I am afraid she is in season again

by Barbara Mertens

Hello, My cat, who adopted me last summer, had two kittens three weeks ago and she is now showing signs of being in season again. There is a Tom cat that is a frequent visitor outside and my cat is making the most funny noises trying to get out all the time. Can she be in season although she still has kittens and if so can I have her spayed now while she is still suckling. If so would it mean that I have to feed the kittens myself? The other problem that I have is that I cannot get her into a carry box. I managed it once when she was wormed and had her injections but now she goes mad every time she sees the box. If she is spayed (not if - when) do I have to return to the Vet to have the stiches out or do Vets use desolvable ones, and can the Vet spay her if she is again pregnant? I am so worried about this at the moment.

Answer from Kate
Hi No you can't have her spayed until the kittens are weaned and this is between 8 and 12 weeks. your only option is to keep her inside for that period of time. Difficult i know but really the best thing for everyone.

The stitches used are normally ones that dissolve and so you should not have to go back to the vets after the operation.

best wishes Kate

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by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for your very quick answer. She is driving me mad at the moment trying to get outside, and I have never heard a female cat cry like she is, perhaps its because she´s partly wild and hates being inside. I`ll just have to wait it out for a few more weeks.

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