Mother of three cats

by Holly
(Canada, ON)

My cat Pumpkin is 5 years old and all of a sudden started peeing on my area rugs; I think it might be because we moved the litter box but it's been 4 weeks and he is still doing it. So we now have 2 LG litters and still. He also has became very aggressive and wants outside soo bad.

We put them on harnesses this summer (1st time) with a lead but it seems not enough for him. When we bring him in he hisses and growls and claws up the screen. He is neutured. I am just afaid he will run away or not know his way home, but he just seems so unhappy here.
What should I do with him; I have a baby comimg in 4 weeks and he stressing me out???

Answer by Kate
well it sounds to me like two issues here. firstly he may be bored in the house and that is why he is becoming frustrated and and wanting to go outside more. cats need their environment or be stimulating enough for them to be cats and to distract them from any aggressive behaviour they may show in their frustration. i have a page about indoor cats here which may be of interest here

You may also want to consider having an enclosure outside for him to be able to be outside but safe. Enclosures
don't have to be that big. You could build one yourself or there are ones available to buy from tunnels to actual small enclosures see here for examples (click on the fun run link for lots more styles of enclosures)

Also as you are pregnant your cat may be picking up on the changes in the home in preparation for the new arrival. this may also be stressing him out and may be the reason why he is scent marking the home to make himself feel more confident and happy in his home. you could try a period of litter training again with him described at the bottom of this page here

I know it must be difficult for you at this time but everything a cat does is for a reason and he may be feeling stressed out too, hence his behaviour. Try to stay calm and not stress him out further as this will only make the issue worse.

When the baby comes allow access to the baby under your supervision for a few minutes at a time, this will let the cat know that there is nothing to be sacred of, it will also get him used to the new smells around or the baby and its things etc.

Don't worry I'm sure with a little time and patience he will be able to settle down again.

best wishes Kate

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