Moved to new place and my male cat seems scared of somthing

I have a 9 year old male mancoon(think thats how you spell it?). It is my moms cat and I had kept it at my place for about 6 months because she could not have a pet. She moved to her new place and took him back and had him there for about a 6 weeks. He was normal and happy up until the last week he started meowing constantly.Only sleeping about 2-3 hours a day.The strangest thing is he would go in her room, eat his soft food and go in a corner and meow loudly, as if scared of something, fur standing up and everything.It is really creepy.He would usually lay in a chair or somewhere in that room because thats my mom's room and he wanted to be close by.Now he does not seem to want anything to do with that room and stays in the livingroom restless and meowing loudly. I had to go pick him up and hes at my place again.I am waiting to observe his behavior.He seems calm now and is eating and exploring as usual.I am very concerned/disturbed by his intensely scared behavior.What is going on with him?He was also fixed/declawed when we got him.I believe previous owner abused him because he was very very skiddish the first year we had him, did not like males at all and was sometimes defensive (slapping and nipping) torwards people that would try to pet him.Any ideas? Thanks.

Answer by Kate
What can I say, there may be a smell in that room that only he can detect. cats sense of smell is many more times more sensitive than our own.

cats respond to scent in many odd ways, it make them fearful or aggressive or both or in the case of smells they like very docile and soppy.

Your cats behavior does sound odd but i can only think that perhaps that room may need a thorough clear through, walls and skirting boards and all.

As long as his behavior is normal everywhere else and he is eating and drinking ok as normal then all you can do is to put this down to cats extrasensory perception.

Hope he settles down soon

best wishes Kate

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