Moving my indoor/outdoor cat to my apartment

by Lauren
(Austin, TX)

I am from DFW Texas and I am a college student. I just recently moved down to Austin, TX to continue my schooling and have an apartment just outside of downtown. I have had my cat since Aug. of 2005 when she was born and have brought her up to be an indoor/outdoor cat. She is very well behaved and loves people and attention and being outside, which now is a problem. I decided upon moving to Austin that it would be best for her to stay at my house in DFW where she is familiar with her environment and be happy. However, I just found out that my dad has to move out of the country for a job. I can't stand the idea of leaving her with another person who may not take care of her because she's very attached to my family and especially me. So I am going to take her down here to live with me. My problem is that one of my roommates is sort of allergic to cat fur so I would have to confine her to my room. But because she is so used to being able to go outside and back in whenever she wants I'm terrified she will a) be very unhappy in my room? b) if I do decided to let her in/out through my window, will she get lost or runaway because she is so far from where she's always lived?

And, is there a way to make her understand this is her new home? Is it even a good idea to let
her go outside since I am no longer in a neighborhood and she could more easily get hit by a car?

I am not really a 'cat person' but my cat is special to me and I would be devastated if something happened to her; what do you think I should do?

Thank you,


Hi Lauren

Well I think you may have answered your question really.

She is happy being an inside/ outside cat, so becoming a inside cat only, especially if all she has is one room will make her unhappy.

Unfortunately cats do not understand that sometimes things change and that it may be dangerous outside. They are driven by instinct and routine etc. Well you can understand it yourself, we wouldn’t like to be confined inside all the time and we have the ability to understand why, but we would still be unhappy about it.

In my opinion i think it would be much better for her to remain where she is even if it with new people. Cats can adapt to new people if they are still able to be a cat do all the other things cats like doing, such as climbing trees and roaming etc.

Ask around your dada neighbourhood to see if there is anyone willing to take her in. If not put up signs at the vets and pet shops and vet the people who apply.

At the end of the day the trauma to your cat will be a lot less if she is able to remain an inside / outside cat.

Best wishes kate

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