Mr kittybear

by Donna

HI can you tell me why my male cat continually licks my female cat in the private area, in her ears and all over. Then trys to mount her? He is a fixed cat so I am truly confused by this behavior. And of course our female doesnt like it either!

Thank You


Answer by Kate
You did not mention if your female cat is spayed or not. if not then she will still be giving off the scent of a cat in heat and even though your male cat is fixed this can still kick in the old cat instincts for mating.

Your male cat as I say is acting instinctively rather than from any sexual drive which will not be there any more.

if your female cat is spayed then it may still be down to an element of instinct. it has been known for neutered male cats to try and mate with soft toys etc because of this.

usually in these situations the female cat will tell him in no uncertain terms to leave her alone and to be honest that is the best and only way he will stop

best wishes Kate

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