by Erin


Our cat, the younger of 2 but only about 15months has started peeing on our bed, furniture, the table - and will even do it right in front of us.
She also swipes and hisses at our other cat who is quite timid, for no reason or if the other cat tries to sit near us when the problematic cat already is.
She also wakes us up in the early hours of the morning meowing and howling outside our bedroom door, scratching it and throwing herself against the door.

She has ruined our furniture, scares our other cat and wakes us up every night - we are reaching the end of our tether but don't want to give up - please help!!

Answer by Kate
well there are lots of issues here.

firstly you did not mention if you have all your cats neutered or not. if not then this would help greatly to calm her down and make her a more contented cat.

urinating over the house is also a sign of either an UTI infection see here for more on this

Or a behavioral issue where by the cat does not feel happy in the home and is trying to make the home smell more like them to help her settle in. Please see this page for more on this

As for the late night meowing, again this could be linked to not being spayed if that is the case or she is trying to get your attention for games or food etc. night time is the normal time for cats to be active and if they learn that by meowing they get what they want from you then this is what they will do. try to set up a routine at night time, playing with her about half an hour before bedtime, then feed her just before you go to bed this should help to settle her down throughout the night. Also make sure she has plenty of things to keep her occupied during the night if she does wake up.

best wishes Kate

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