My 10 week old kitten is acting strange

by Alicia

I got a kitten about two weeks ago and she is a very tame well trained kitten. She had never scratched or hissed at me in the whole time i have had her except now. I had to go away to work for two nights and now i am back she has been acting very strange. I have left previously for work and she has been fine. I stay with my cousin and they also got a kitten from the same litter, their kitten is acting fine but mine, a 10 week old female is constantly rubbing up against my face and trying to nudge under my armpits. She also hisses but not in an aggressive way and has been scratching at my jumper. When i scratch her rear end she lifts it up and her tail goes straight. She has never done any of this before and is a very affectionate kitten. She's not tried to bite or scratch me but i'm wondering what is with the odd behaviour. Any advice you can give will be great thanks :)

Answer by Kate
Hi well as you know cats react to scents and so the fact that you have been somewhere where there is another cat will surely be un nerving for her. She can smell another cat but can't see them.

As for her other behaviors of raising her behind when you scratch her this is normal cat behavior and all my cats have always done this.

As for the excessive rubbing up against you, she is transferring her scent to you so that you smell of her, this again is normal cat behavior, especially if you smell different after being away.

best wishes KAte

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