My 10 week old kitten stopped eating on 7/26/11

by Samantha

MY 10 week old kitten stopped eating today. i don't know why though. She was fine the day before, but today she stopped. My dad didn't like the idea of her and her mother sleeping inside. so for the past 2 nights they've slept outside. Could she have gotten sick? her mother never had that problem. my kitten is also an only child.

It is too early to say whether or not your kitten is sick or not. Not eating for one day is not that serious.

however make sure they have somewhere warm and comfortable they can sleep outside and keep an eye on her to see if she starts eating again. If she still does not eat after two days then yes you will have to take her to see the vets.

As your cats live outside I would recommned that they are vaccinated as they will be more vulnerable to catching illnesses etc. See my page about cat vaccination for more information

best wishes kate

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my 10 week old kitten
by: Anonymous

Can someone please help me, i have a 10 week old kitten who will not eat or drink anything anymore. all she does is sleep and i think i found a worm on her butt 3 days ago. i dont know what to do and i have no money right now cause i am disabled and do not get any til the first

This is urgent. A kitten which has stopped eating and drinking cannot survive for long. please take her to either the pdsa or blue cross if you live in the Uk. they can help even if you have no money.
There is no way of knowing what the kittens problem is. She may have severe worms in which case she will need treatment. there could be any number of things wrong, I'm afraid she needs to be seen by a vet asap.

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