My 10 yr old cat...

by Cheryl
(O'Fallon, Mo, US)

Lil Man and Sugar

Lil Man and Sugar

I have 2 cats one is 10yrs. the other is 7yrs. Last fall I took my 10 yr old Orange cat to vet for a checkup, he said she has some arthritis in her hind legs in the hips. I have been watching her all winter, to make sure she is walking ok, well I noticed about 8 wks ago, she was acting strangely when we pet her on the lower back near her tail. I also noticed she didnt like being brushed back there either. I called the vet and they recommended glucosamine for her, I also give to the 7 yr old too...well now I have noticed her lower back area is abit swollen, still tender and almost hot to the touch. The swelling is right along her spine and tail...Is there something else I can do to help her? She is eating and drinking fine, its doesnt seem to bother her except when we go to pat her or brush her...she plays with her brother and runs ok. Is this just the cold weather bothering her? I plan on calling the vet on Monday, but I wanted to see if there was something you could recommmend first.

Answer by Kate
Hi, poor kitty it sounds very painful indeed and I think you are doing the right thing is contacting your vet on monday.
I am not a vet and so can not say what has caused the swelling etc it may be associated with the arthritis or it may be something else entirely which the vet needs to diagnose.

In the mean time all I can say is that I have a web page about cat arthritis which you may find useful

Try not to touch the area and let your cat have some time on their own. Make sure they have fresh water nearby and that the litter tray is nearby and easy to access.

I hope the vet can help soon

best wishes kate

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