My 12 year old cat: Scratching

I have a male cat that is about 12 years old in good health but for some strange reason he's constantly scratching his chin mostly and ears, The Facial area, he doesn't have fleas, He doesn't have mites, thought maybe he was allergic to kitty litter so tried changing to another brand he stopped for about a week and started again. he has once left a bald spot which bled on his chin, I put neosporin on it and it went away, no problem. Now he is starting to make the tip of his left ear bleed and no I donnot cut his nails, I am afraid he doesn't stay put.

The only odd behavior I get from him is he's been very finiky with eating habits. He's seems to only like shredded canned cat food, he favorite is or now i should say was beef, one day he eats what seems like he like and other days he won't eat the same thing.

Confused and concerned,
Lisa M.

P.s. I make donations to ASPCA, I make a donation everytime I go to petco, petsmart.... I love animals deeply and I have 3 of the greatest cats of my own. Each one with great personality.

Answer by Kate
Umm sounds to me like he may definitely have a skin condition which may be caused by either an allergic reaction to something or he has a generally skin condition like dry skin or eczema.

I don't know if you have asked the vet to take a look for you as they may be able to take a skin sample to see if they can find out what the actual cause is.

This page goes through some of the possible causes:

To be honest with you it can sometimes take some time to find out the actual cause and may need lots of different trial and error treatments before finding a cure. but your vet will guide you on this depending on there thoughts on the possible cause and condition.

best wishes Kate

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