My 17 year old Cat eats, then pukes, eats, then pukes, and is now so skinny

by Rita
(Lawton, OK)

My cat Cloudy a few months back had a fever, stopped eating and drinking, just laid around. I was ready to have her put down - she is 17 years old. But I couldn't do it because her eyes were still brite and she still listened to me when I talked to her (she always answers back). I then told her that if she didn't start drinking some water she would go to the bad place. She jumped down, went ot the water bowl and began drinking. Her fever went away, she began eating again. She gained some weight back. But over the last couple of months, she would still puke a few hours after eating. When she does, she is so skinny at her waist. She is pretty active for her age. I resulted to buying Whiska's cat food in a pouch because she likes the gravy - she's not eating the Nine Lives chunks that I feed the other 4 cats I have (she used to but seems she doesn't want to chew). she also doesn't like the dry food (available on demand in a feeder for all cats). She likes to drink milk. She has been urinating okay, climbs the post, jumps on counters, etc. She still takes to me, but it breaks my heart to hear her vomiting up the food after eating. I don't have money for vet bills right now, though I could put her down if needed. I even tried putting some liquid vitamin B in her food (she likes it), but she still pukes up the dinner. Not ever single day, but then I don't see what she does outside. She is also starting to loose lots of hair in clumps - she's pulling it out with her teeth. Yet when I brush her, it doesn't come out in clumps. The other 4 cats and 2 dogs are not sick (weird, but not sick LOL). Any suggestions, other than take her to the vet, would be appreciated - especially if you or anyone knows what the cause of this might be and if there is some alternative health method that can help her - vitamins, minerals, herbs, etc. If she was lathargic or her inner eye came up....


Answer by Kate
So sorry Rita, after all the symptoms you have mentioned my only response would be that she needs to see the vet. She may have heart issues or thyroid problems all of which could cause these symptoms. Unfortunately the only way to know for sure is for a vet to do tests. Sorry.

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