My 18 month 1 eye kitten.. Marlbes

by Brian
(Bridgeport Ct)

Long story short last july I found a young cat outside during a thunder storm and feed her she ran right inside and I fell in love right away my mom didnt really want her so I ask all around the neigborhood making sure this wasn't someone else's cat. And called the pound to see if anyone was missing this kind of cat. We'll I got her and after a month found out she was pregnet and then I made her a inside cat for heath and just a bad area for outside cats. She had 4 kittens one died for no reason one night and I was sooo sad.The other 3 were doing good 1 smaller runt a tabby had a eye infection and was starting to scare me cause of her size and not being able to feed on mom cause she couldnt see good. So off to the vet and she said 50/50 on saving her eye.Had to take the other 2 cats out of the room and just let her feed on mom cuase the other 2 would always push her out of the way and she coulnt feed.After a while she lost her eye but everything was heathly and she was my baby that I love so much...So know every day I have to clean her eye out and she really doesnt like it and starting to run from me alot cause she knows what I'm about to do and this hurts me with her being afraid of me.Is there anything I can do for this to be more comfortable for her everyday and not so scared of this every day process. Thx's and sorry for the longer story but It's a good one Brian

Mama Cat (MOM), Sky,Foxy, and Marbles my babby... The 3 kittens and mama cat..
All the cat's are doing good all inside and one big happy family..

Answer by Kate
quick answer brian, no not really. cats never like to receive medicine or attention like this, well who does really. You could try giving her a small treat after you do this, so that she associates the eye wiping with a nice experience afterwards.

I really wouldn't worry about it. She will only be nervous for a very short while while you are wiping her eye and then she will forgive you. cats are like that. And remember you are only doing this to help her, she may not know this but your care will help to ensure she lives a long and happy life.

keep up the good work

best wishes Kate

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