My 3 year old cat cries loudly in newly renovated room

by Anita
(Sweden )


My three year old male cat is usually pretty quiet, good natured, and has a charming comic personality. Our cat was rescued from an animal shelter, and he is a black and white cat - mixed breed. Recently we spent a week renovating a room and because he is an indoor cat, we had to keep him in a big room during the days of the renovation, so that he does not escape when the tradesmen leave the back door or front door open when walking in and out of the house. We moved his scratch pole, hight perch, sand box, all his favourite toys, blankets etc in the big room, and we would leave the radio on for him during the day. He would have someone check on him at lunch and couple of hours later kids would let him out and play with him after school. This went on for a week. Of course, he would be in the big room listening to all the strange noises, voices, and footsteps. Our cat is not afraid of strangers, in fact he is the opposite, he loves people. However, now that we have finished the room, our cat goes into the newly renovated room, stands in the middle of the room and cries really loudly. He can do this for five minutes till someone comes and then he will quiet down. At times he can cry in the renovated room for up to 2 hours. He is healthy, well fed, has his play moments with us each day, has a place to sleep and lounge in every room in the house because he likes to be around when we talk in the kitchen, watch DVDs in the living room etc. He has chosen to sleep in a big cushy chair in the the newly renovated room., We really don't know what is wrong or what we are doing that is wrong. Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated.

Answer by KAte
Hi Anita
No you are not doing anything wrong at all. Cats are basically creatures of habit and they don't like change very much at all.

the new room will look and smell very different for the cat and this maybe a little upsetting for him. often will vocalize when they are a little uneasy but when you come in you are a reassuring presence and so he will feel better.

he will also want to stamp his mark on the new room, make it his as it were so that he can feel happy in it. This is probably why he is sleeping in their now so that his scent is transferred to the room.

I wouldn't worry, as the smell of the room changes and he gets used to the changes I'm sure this crying will stop.

best wishes Kate

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